Terms and Conditions

Filmymasala.in Terms and Conditions


The Website Standard Terms and Conditions on this webpage will govern your use of our website, Filmymasala.in, which can be accessed at https://filmymasala.in/.

These terms shall govern your use of this website in their entirety. Through your use of this website, you have agreed to abide by all of its terms and conditions. If you do not concur with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, you are not permitted to use this site.

Individuals who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to access this website.

Rights to intellectual property

Except for the content you control, under these Terms, Filmymasala.in and/or its licensors own all intellectual property rights and materials on this Website.

A restricted permission to read the content on this website is all that is provided to you.


Specifically, you are banned from all of the following:

  • releasing any content on the website in other media;
  • offering for sale, sublicensing, or other commercial use any content on the website;
  • displaying or performing in public any content from this website;
  • using this website in any way that might endanger it;
  • utilizing this website in a manner that hinders the ability of users to access it;
  • utilizing our website in a manner that might damage it, any person or business entity, or the relevant laws and regulations;
  • participating in any kind of data harvesting, data mining, data extraction, or other related activity with regard to this website;
  • using this website for any kind of advertising or marketing.

You are not permitted to access some portions of this website, and Filmymasala.in has the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to prevent you from accessing any areas of this website at all. You must keep any user IDs and passwords you have for this website private and hidden.

Our Content

In these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, “Your Content” refers to any text, images, audio, video, or other content you choose to put on this website.. You give Filmymasala.in a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, sublicensable license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, translate, and distribute Your Content in any and all media by allowing it to be shown on the website.

The content you upload must be original to you and cannot infringe upon the rights of any third party.. Any of Your Content may be removed from this Website at any time, without prior notice, by Filmymasala.in.

There are no guarantees

Filmymasala.in makes no guarantees or claims of any kind about this website or the content on it. This website is offered “as is,” with all flaws. Furthermore, nothing on this website should be construed as advice.

Liability limitation

Whether or whether such responsibility is based on a contract, in no case will Filmymasala.in, its officers, directors, or employees be held accountable for anything resulting from or associated in any manner with your use of this website.Your use of this website does not give rise to any indirect, consequential, or special responsibility on the part of Filmymasala.in, its officers, directors, or employees.


By accepting this, you agree to hold Filmymasala.in fully indemnified from and against any and all liabilities, charges, demands, causes of action, damages, and expenditures resulting from your violation of any of these Terms.

A capacity to The severity

Any provision of these Terms that is determined to be unlawful by any relevant legislation will be removed, with no effect on the other sections of the agreement.

Modification in Terms

You agree to check these Terms often by using this website, since Filmymasala.in is allowed to make changes to these Terms whenever it deems appropriate.


Without providing notice, Filmymasala.in may assign, transfer, and subcontract any of its rights and/or duties under these Terms. However, under these Terms, none of your rights and/or obligations may be assigned, transferred, or subcontracted.

Whole Agreement

Regarding your use of this Website, these Terms make up the whole agreement between Filmymasala.in and you, superseding all earlier understandings and agreements.

Governing laws and Authorities

The laws of the State of India shall govern these Terms and be construed accordingly; You hereby consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts hereunder for the purpose of resolving any dispute.